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H4D Aerial

H4D Aerial

Our H4D aerial camera system has been specially developed to meet the high demands of professional aerial photography and to allow integration into high-end photogrammetric mapping systems. This camera is built upon the solid H4D camera platform and fully utilizes the high performance HC and HCD lens series. The H4D Aerial offers new and exciting possibilities to aerial photographers

Hans Strand
  • Lens and digital capture unit locked to the camera (removable with standard tools).

  • Aero-firmware
    (auto power-on and auto mirror-up).

  • Prepared for Synchronized exposure.

  • Including focusing screen, Li-ion battery and charger.

  • Available with or without IR cut-off filter
    (version without IR filter has clear protection glass).



Customization Options:
H4D Aerial Camera

+ Add lens locked at infinity.
+ Remove IR filter.
+ Add GPS.
+ Add disk drive for airplane extreme conditions (see IGI offering).
+ Add IMU Inertial Measurement Unit for accurate positioning (see IGI offering).
+ Add touch screen remote control from cockpit (see IGI offering).
+ Special firmware for mirror-up locking at power ON.

Please note that you cannot attach a digital capture unit from an H4D standard camera to an H4D Aerial Camera.