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Aerial Sample Images

This is an aerial view of Las Vegas that I shot hand held out of a small piston driven helicopter at an altitude of roughly 500ft recently. The shot was done with an H4D-50 and an HCD 28mm lens mounted on a Swainston mount equipped with two gyros. I shot at ISO 400 to keep my shutter speed manageable. The shutter speed ended up at 1/60 sec - 1/90 sec and thanks to the leaf shutter in the Hasselblad lenses and the Swainston Gyro mount, focus in most of my shots turned out rock solid. Thanks to Hasselblad quality and resolution, I even have the freedom to crop away to enhance any shot that might need a little help in terms of composition.


Sample images available for download

Below is a selection of Aerial sample images. Each can be downloaded and seen in high-res tiff/jpeg format.


Aerial_Sample_SpireThumb1 Aerial_Sample_HotelThumb2

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